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There are many benefits to partnering with United Way of Southern Chautauqua County. By leading your company’s workplace campaign, you join a passionate group of community members creating lasting change in our community.
Below you will find links to the tools that you need to make your campaign a successful campaign, as well as bullet points detailing the benefits to running a United Way campaign:



You can share your support of the United Way with your employees.

  • Employees who can impact the community where they live while at work through volunteering, professional development opportunities, and donating report greater satisfaction.
  • Community involvement also helps attract, engage, and retain high-performing employees.
  • 79% of millennials and 69% of Generation Xers take a company's corporate social responsibility into consideration when deciding where to work.

You can show your customers you care about our community.

  • Your support is acknowledged in United Way materials and online, giving you positive exposure for your efforts.
  • 93% of consumers are more loyal to companies that are socially responsible.
  • 55% of customers are willing to pay more for products from socially responsible companies.

You share our passion for the place we call home.

  • Supporting the United Way of Southern Chautauqua County channels funds directly into the communities in which you work and live.
  • If your employees need services from any United Way's partner agencies, you and your company will benefit from the stronger, healthier community that we are supporting.


       o Recruit a team to help - even in small workplaces, having a team brings diverse ideas and shares the work.
       o Set a goal number of donors, amount raised, attendance at events.
       o Plan an “event” – pick a date/time that will catch employees at their best and host a meeting or presentation.
       o Request a speaker or share a video from United Way – consider what your employees care about or what hits closest to home. Aging parents, youth programming, basic needs, etc. We are happy to come in person to talk to your staff about how we are continually evolving our work to address the highest needs in our community or click here for short videos that you can use to engage with employees. Contact Nicole Gustafson for other videos that may not be listed here: or 716-483-1561, ext. 200.
       o Make it FUN – include a small drawing or giveaway for everyone who attends, pledges, and or increases their giving.











  Event & Incentive Ideas   
         Consider offering incentives for employees who donate as a way to grow your campaign and further engage your employees: 
          1. Jeans Day - Consider allowing employees to wear jeans during the campaign as an incentive for pledging.
          2. Reserved Parking Spot - Encourage employees to participate in the campaign by raffling off a parking space of their choice!
          3. Lunch with CEO - Raffle off a one-on-one lunch with your top executive to any employee who participates in the campaign.
          4. Flee at 3/Late Start - Give employees a chance to leave early or start late for a day during the campaign day if they increase their gift by a certain percentage.
          5. Vacation Day - Award any employee that increases their gift for the year, or gives for the first time, a free vacation day!
          6. Pick a Campaign Theme - Pick a campaign theme and plan your activities around that theme!
          7. United Way Spirit Week – Encourage employees to get into the spirit of the campaign with a week-long spirit week where each day has a different theme!
      o Set a deadline for all pledge cards to be returned – more than 10 days is too long. Consider an incentive for those who return the cards in a shorter period of time or the day of the event. It is unlikely that more time will lead to better results.
     o Ask employees to return the card even if they choose not to donate this year – it will help you know if you’ve missed anyone, rather than assuming someone didn’t want to give. Consider following up with those who gave in the prior year but did not give this year – maybe they will share their reason and you can share that feedback with United Way.
     o Make note of anyone who retired in the last 12 months and share their name with United Way. If they were a loyal donor, their information may be on file and they can be solicited by mail.
     o Wrap Up. Thank your team, celebrate and share your success with your employees and return your campaign report form and pledge cards to United Way. 
     o Year-Round Engagement. Consider taking groups of employees on a United Way “impact tour” (in two hours, we give a tour of some of our agencies and their impact).  Let us plan a Day of Caring (Volunteering Event) for your employees.
Return completed & signed pledge and report forms to:  

All campaign materials are due back to United Way by November 4, 2022.



Workplace Pledge Cards 

  • Chautauqua County Government employees - Link
  • United Way of Northern Chautauqua County - Link
    United Way of Cattaraugus & Allegany Counties - Link