About Us

United Way's Mission

We mobilize the community to help every person and family improve their lives.


  • Ignite a community-wide social movement, and thereby mobilize thousands to action – to volunteer, advocate and give to improve the conditions in which we live.
  • Motivate and connect all sectors of our community – individuals, businesses, nonprofit organizations and governments – to create long-term social change that produces well-educated, financially stable and healthy individuals and families.
  • Raise, invest and leverage $1.4 million annually in philanthropic contributions to create and support innovative programs and approaches to generate sustained community impact.
  • Hold ourselves accountable to this cause through our steadfast commitment to continually measure – in real terms – improvement in Academic Success, Health & Independence, a Ready Workforce, and Self Sufficiency.

We invest in 42 community-based programs that align with these priorities. Funding decisions are made locally by a team of community volunteers from all walks of life and approved by the Board of Directors. For every dollar donated, $0.85 is returned to the community in programming and 100% of every donation remains in Southern Chautauqua County.

Diversity Statement

As a human services organization continuously seeking to deliver community impact and maintain quality service to our donors and clients, the United Way places high value on the concept of diversity.
The United Way values the uniqueness of the individual, the power of the collective good and the importance of communities. We promote a climate that welcomes, understands and respects the diversity of our clients, donors, staff, volunteers, agencies and community partners. Dimensions of diversity include but are not limited to race, ethnicity, cultural orientation, national origin, language, religious belief, disability, gender, sexual orientation, and age.
The United Way is committed to incorporating practices that enhance diversity into all areas of activity, including the recruitment and retention of staff and volunteers from diverse backgrounds. Staff and volunteers are supported through training to address the needs of all individuals and communities served.
The Board of Directors and Executive Director will provide leadership and collaborate with donors, staff, volunteers, agencies and community partners to ensure an environment that values diversity.

Our History

Organized as the Jamestown Community Chest in 1920, we have evolved to become a leader in human service program development. From the first campaign that raised just over $92,000 in the 1920's, to today's campaigns that raise over $1.4 million annually, we continue our commitment to Southern Chautauqua County by responding to the most critical needs of our community.