Fundraising Idea



For a unique fundraiser challenge your employees to donate a certain amount every time they say the chosen phrase or word. Consider this 2020 Twist: Coronavirus Swear Jar – Each time an employee mentions the Coronavirus they make a donation!  Encourage employees working from home to have their own jar at home to play along.

SUPPLIES NEEDED: - A clear jar or some type of container that can be placed in a central area of your business. For companies working virtually, find another way to tally.


1. Place the jar in an open area and decide how much people should put in each time they say the “buzzword”

2. Send out an email explaining ground rules to fellow employees.

3. Keep swear jar out for duration of workplace campaign and share total dollars collected at the end of the campaign.

Suggested entry fee: $1-$2 each time the phrase or word in mentioned (outside of a necessary mention).

More Event & Incentive Ideas
         Consider offering incentives for employees who donate as a way to grow your campaign and further engage your employees:
          1. Jeans Day - Consider allowing employees to wear jeans during the campaign as an incentive for pledging.
          2. Reserved Parking Spot - Encourage employees to participate in the campaign by raffling off a parking space of their choice!
          3. Lunch with CEO - Raffle off a one-on-one lunch with your top executive to any employee who participates in the campaign.
          4. Flee at 3/Late Start - Give employees a chance to leave early or start late for a day during the campaign day if they increase their gift by a certain percentage.
          5. Vacation Day - Award any employee that increases their gift for the year, or gives for the first time, a free vacation day!
          6. Pick a Campaign Theme - Pick a campaign theme and plan your activities around that theme!
          7. United Way Spirit Week – Encourage employees to get into the spirit of the campaign with a week long spirit week where each day has a different theme!