Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement

Diversity, Equity and Statement

We stand together to promote humanity, to foster inclusion, and to dignify the lived experiences of all of our community members. We value the richness of diverse identities, backgrounds, languages, cultures, and voices that contribute to better solutions for all. We work to address systemic barriers so that our most vulnerable and marginalized populations will be valued and provided equitable opportunities for education, employment, and growth. We are committed to long term, strategic, and sustainable change even as we take action with a sense of urgency. We recognize our vital role to convene community partners in raising awareness of diverse needs and align resources for diverse communities.


 We are United Way of Southern Chautauqua County, and these efforts are critical to fulfilling our mission and vision in this community. We invite you to join us in supporting these efforts.

  • United Way of Southern Chautauqua County (UWSCC) unequivocally denounces all racial and ethnic discrimination in our home community.
  • In partnership with other stakeholders and community efforts, we seek to correct and dismantle those longstanding policies and customs that prevent equal justice under law; impede access to quality goods and services, housing, and education; and hinder proportional representation within those bodies that make decisions about policy and funding. The Advocacy Committee of UWSCC’s Board of Directors will lead efforts to raise awareness and understanding of these issues. UWSCC will continually assess our own internal culture, language and policies for alignment with our stated values.
  • We acknowledge that racism and discrimination in our community is at once systemic and ephemeral, historical and persistent, macro and micro, explicit and implicit, intentional and unintentional.
  • We are heartened by and seek to learn from the examples in our history — including strong ties to the anti-slavery movement — in which our forebears have actively worked to overcome racial and ethnic discrimination.
  • We strive to create an environment in Southern Chautauqua County, and within its public and private institutions, in which all our neighbors feel valued and are intentionally included. We work to ensure the well-being and vitality of our community, and that all its members can benefit from it.
  • We commit to leveraging all of our assets (convening, strategic investments, awareness building, advocacy) to create more equitable communities. Our board and staff will complete yearly racial equity training, and we will apply a Southern Chautauqua County-specific equity lens to our community investments.