Leadership Circle

In 2015, Leadership Circle celebrated 25 years at United Way of Southern Chautauqua County. This unique approach to fundraising was intiated in 1990 by Campaign Chair Dr. Lillian Vitanza Ney. It began with nine members and today boasts more than 160! It has helped develop a loyal donor base that regularly contributes more than 18% of the total campaign revenue.

Be our guest at the upcoming Leadership Circle reception on September 21, 2016 from 5:30 - 7:00 pm at the Chautauqua Lake Yacht Club.

Founders Circle $5,000+

Randall and Susan Manitta

Tom Meyers

Mr & Mrs. Michael and Karen Roberts

Jack and Ann Swartz

 Dr. Ellen and Mr. Hadley Weinberg


Builders Society $2,500+

Hans and Kari Auer

Thomas and Suzette Benson

Dr. & Mrs. James and Marcia Cirbus
Phineas and Sara DeMink

Bill and Kathleen Evans

William Freyd and Diane M. Carlson

Jim and Sue Garde

Dr. And Mrs. Tim and Kathy Grace

Dr. & Mrs. Lyndon Gritters

Chuck and Linda Hall

Steve and Gesele Koehler

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lawson

Howard W. Lindstrom

Mr. & Mrs. Charles and Terri Lynn

Rex and Micki McCray

Mike and Cathy Moots

Dr. Lillian Vitanza Ney

Dr. & Mrs. Bert and Mary Rappole

Peter and Holly Sullivan

Tom Turner

John and Kristy Zabrodsky

Stewardship Society $1,500+

Bob and Marie Allison

Mr. & Mrs. Elwood Blanchard

Todd J. Button

Craig and Becky Colburn

David and JoAnn Colburn

Dr. Christopher Colburn & Allison Slater

David Dawson

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond and Jeanine Fashano

Mr. & Mrs. Rick and Jennifer Gibson

Rhoe and Sharron Henderson

Mr. & Mrs. Martin and Patricia Idzik

Gary and Kay Johnson

Robert S. and Ethelyn M. Johnson

Andrew and Mary Kohl

Mary C. Lausterer

Tom and Liz Lingenfelter

Tim O. Mains & David P. Gardner

Michael and Marjorie Metzger

Henry and Rochelle Mole’

Wayne and Victoria Rishell

Bill and Kari Soffel

Paul O. Stage, CFP

Linda V. Swanson

Rick and Terry Turner

Mr. & Mrs. Barclay O. Wellman

Dr. & Mrs. Ryan White


Leadership Circle $1,000+

John e. Anderson

Cle and Penny Austin

Gene and Ann Marie Aversa

Tom and Jane Becker

Thomas & Kathleen Bemus

Dan & Barb Berry

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Bielata

Mary H. Blair

Dr. & Mrs. Jonathan Blasius

Heather C. Brown and Sam Triscari

Mr. & Mrs. Lyman and Janette Buck, III

Kevin and Sally Burns

Drs. James & Vicky Campion

Alison & Jay Churchill

Dr. & Mrs. Patrick and Karen Collins

David Conklin

Mary F. Cook

Dr. & Mrs. James and Shelley Dahlie

Lou and Melissa Deppas

Ms. Sylvia D. Derrick

Larry and Lorraine Diggs

Mr. & Mrs. Cory and Elva Duckworth

Greg and Carrie Edwards

Kurt & Kym Eimiller

Michael and Denise Evans

Dr. Kathleen Fanos

Mary A. Farrell

Mr. Scott Farrell

Suzanne Foley

Dr. & Mrs. Harry Glatz

Mr. & Mrs. Michael and Kelly Graham

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Greer

J. Mathews & Lanie R. Hagberg

Chris & Erin Hagstrom

Anne and Paul Hedin

Mr. & Mrs. Tom and Lisa Holt

Peter and Cindy Holway

Vince and Barb Horrigan

Andrew Johnson, Jr.

The Jung Family

Deb and Deke Kathman

Rolland and Jane Kidder

Robert M. Kocur

Dr. & Mrs. Wolf-Dieter Krahn

Jeff and Kelly Kroon

Steven Kulig

Deborah S. Moore & Brian Kushmaul

Dr. & Mrs. John M. LaMancuso

Jeff and Marilyn Lehman

Stan and Sara Lundine

Mr. David Maines

Richard and Janice Marks

Drs. Rudy and Diane Mueller

Tracy and Chad Mulkin

Randy and Diana Ordines

Rosalie H. Pembridge

Gregory and Cynthia Peterson

Mr. & Mrs. Gene Phaneuf

Dr. Marie and Mr. John Plumb

Renee & Mark Prechtl

Sam Price

Richard Reynolds

Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan and Sally Scalise

Thomas and Katherine Schmidt

Brenda Schultz - In Memory of Dr. Terry Schultz

James A. Schultz, O.D.

Dr. & Mrs. Robert and Barbara Scott

Curt & Joyce Sechler

Ron Sellers

John and Carole Sellstrom

Michael and Angela Shea

David and Elizabeth Shepherd

Elaine and Allen Short

Mr. & Mrs. Todd and Alexis Singleton

Gregory and Linda Smith

James M. Smith

Sandra Snively

Lee and Jennifer Stein

Lois F. Strickler

Terry and Katie Stronz

Tyler and Carolyn Swanson

Robert VanEvery & Judith Claire

The Walter Family

Mark Weppner

Robert & Lisa White

Greg and Laurie Whitermore

Mr. Donald Whittington

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wight

Tad and Betsy Wright

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Yahn


Emerging Leaders

$2,500 +

Adam and Tory Irgang

$1,500 +

Dr. Anna and Mr. Rob Wohlgemuth


Kelly and Rob DuBois, Jr.

Paul and Chantel Haase

Ricky and Heather Turner

Dana and Joelle Washer

Mr. & Mrs. Derek Watkins


Danielle Amico

Anonymous - Jesus is Lord

Chrissy Conklin

Jennifer C. Cresanti

John R. Foti

Ms. Karen Fuller

Joe Kourt

Ms. Carrie Peterson

Matt & Pam Reese

Mariah Ross

Mr. Ryan Salvo & Mrs. Julie Salvo

Carrie Saunders

Blake Tarana