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Your Gift Matters.

We want to help you run a successful workplace campaign. Below you'll find tips on how to make your campaign informative, motivational, and fun.

  • Recruit a team to help – even in small workplaces, having a team brings diverse ideas and shares the work.

  • Set a goal – number of donors, amount raised, attendance at events.

  • Plan an “event” – pick a date/time that will catch employees at their best and host a meeting or presentation.

  • Request a speaker from United Way – consider what your employees care about or what hits closest to home. Aging parents, youth programming, basic needs, etc.

  • Make it FUN – include a small drawing or giveaway for everyone who attends, pledges, increases their giving.

  • Set a deadline for all pledge cards to be returned – more than 10 days is too long. Consider an incentive for those return the cards in a shorter period of time or the day of the event. It is unlikely that more time will lead to better results.

  • Ask employees to return the card even if they choose not to donate this year – it will help you know if you’ve missed anyone, rather than assuming someone didn’t want to give.

  • Consider following up with those who gave in the prior year but did not give this year – maybe they will share their reason and you can share that feedback with United Way.

  • Make note of anyone who retired in the last 12 months and share their name with United Way. If they were a loyal donor, their information may be on file and they can be solicited by mail.

All campaign packets are due by November 19, 2019