Request for Proposal 2022-2024

Funding by the community for the community

Every year, United Way of Southern Chautauqua County raises $1.3 million dollars with the support and generosity of individuals and organizations throughout the community. 100% of the money raised stays in Chautauqua County and supports agencies and programs that align with UWSCC’s mission to mobilize the community to help every person and family improve their lives. We're committed to supporting programs in the areas of Academic SuccessHealth & IndependenceReady Workforce, and Self-Sufficiency that provide opportunities for our community to thrive. If your agency or program promotes these goals, we invite you to submit a Request for Proposal (RFP) for our 2022-2024 funding cycle. 

Click on the image below to download a pdf that includes instructions for submission and the application questions. Applications should be submitted through Chautauqua Grants and are due January 28, 2022. For more information or for questions regarding the RFP, contact Community Impact Director Lindsey Goold at 716-483-1561 ext. 201 or email her at


RFP 2022-2024 PDF file

Frequently Asked Questions

*If there are further questions, please contact UWSCC’s Director of Community Impact, Lindsey Goold by email at or by calling 176-483-1561 ext. 201

Q: How do I know if my program is eligible to apply for UWSCC funding?

A: Program eligibility can be found on page 3 of the RFP. Any agency in Southern Chautauqua County within the eligible zip codes (listed on page 3) that is registered as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit, providing programming that aligns with the following Strategic AIMS/Outcomes; academic success, health and independence, ready workforce and self-sufficiency, is eligible to apply.

Q: How do I know if my program is a good fit for UWSCC funding?

A: Look closely at the AIMs, Outcomes and Indicators founds on page 10 of the RFP. Determine which funding focus is in line with your programs goals and ability to measure impact (in line with the indicators).

Q: How many AIMS should I determine in my application? Will I have a better chance of receiving funding if I determine more than one?

A: Programs are required to identify one AIM, at least one outcome and at least one indicator from the Funding Focus. Apply in the focus area where you feel your program is the strongest. If programs want to indicate a secondary AIM, outcome(s) and indicator(s) to create a full picture of their program, they are welcome to do so. It is most important that identified indicators are measured and reported to Chautauqua Grants at six-month intervals.

Q: How do I know which indicators to choose?

A: Indicators are measurable and need to be supported by program data to show impact of UWSCC funds. Tools and assessments used to obtain data need to be apparent in the program’s application.

Q: Can an agency submit more than one application for funding?

A: Yes. We accept more than one application per agency. However, we do not accept more than one application per program.

Q: Where can I find the link to the online application?

A: The link to the online application, along with all other relevant information, can be found at or by logging directly into Chautauqua Grants:

Q: Can I start my application and come back later to finish it?

A: Yes. Your application will remain in draft until you officially submit it in Chautauqua Grants.

Q: Do I need to fill up all the characters allowed for each application question?

A: No, we don’t expect you to use the whole space for every question. We provided the amount of space available to make it easier for you as you’re building your answers. Please only use as much space as your answer needs; longer answers are not always better answers.

Q: Will UWSCC fund more than one program per agency within the same focus area (AIM)?

A: Yes. We are willing to fund more than one program from one agency within the identified focus area.

Q: Can I reference multiple programs within my agency in one application?

A: While it’s okay to mention other programs within your agency, you will want to focus your application largely on the program for which you’re applying. The referencing of other programs should be to support the full picture of the program applying for UWSCC funding.

Q: How do I fill out the pdfs in the application for Program Statistics, Program Budget, and Agency of Excellence?

A: In Chautauqua Grants, these pdfs can be found in the “Supplemental Documents” section of the application. Click the link for each, download to your computer, fill out the form, and reupload it as an attachment in Chautauqua Grants.

Q: How do I know what to include during my program’s site visit presentation?

A: It is highly encouraged that programs look at the scorecard found on page 13 of the RFP to ensure all criteria are covered in the site visit presentation.

Q: Is the Cultural Responsiveness Training for just leadership staff or other staff attend as well?

A: Yes, please indicate number of agency staff you plan to attend when you RSVP using this link: There will be a recorded training that can be shared with program staff that are unable to attend the scheduled training sessions.

Q: How do I update my 211 profile?

A: Visit to create and/or update your agency’s 211 profile. Please contact UWSCC staff with further questions.

Q: For the agency budget question – Can the budget be the current format, not the program budget format?

A: Yes. For the Agency’s budget, you can submit your internally used budget. However, we do require that the program budget form be used for the program applying for UWSCC funding.

Q: My agency’s fiscal year begins July 1. What do I submit for our program budget?

A: If your agency’s fiscal year begins July 1, you can submit a projected program budget.

Q: Is there a minimum funding request?

A: Yes, the minimum funding request is $7,500.

Q: Does the $7,500 minimum request apply to one year of funding or the entire two-year funding cycle?

A: The minimum funding request is with respect to one year of funding. When you answer total amount requested, please tell us the amount you are requesting for one year. The programs funding level will be the same for the second year of funds in the 2022-2024 cycle as subject to available funds raised though annual campaign.

Q: How much money will be granted out during the 2022-2024 funding cycle?

A: The amount that is allocated into the community is based on the success of our annual campaign, which is currently ongoing. Our goal for this year’s campaign is $1,045,000. The second year of funding for the 2022-2024 funding cycle will be subject to available funds from the 2022 campaign.

Q: When will funding for the 2022-2024 begin?

A: Allocations of funds will begin on July 1, 2022, for a period of two years.