United Way is Seeking an Executive Director


United Way of Southern Chautauqua County

Job Description

Position Title: Executive Director

Reports To: Board of Directors (through Board President)


The United Way of Southern Chautauqua County mobilizes the community to help people improve their lives.

Overview of Responsibilities

The Executive Director is charged with advancing the mission of the organization and developing and executing the strategies necessary to achieve that mission. The Executive Director leverages the power of relationships and networks, working across private, public, government and corporate sectors to improve the community. This includes cultivating relationships with corporate chief executives, local government leaders, labor representatives, leaders of other funding organizations, community partner agencies, and representatives of other United Way organizations. He/she possesses broad business management skills and is effective at generating resources and financial support for the organization.

Core Competencies for this Position

Mission-Focused: able to link donor, volunteer, and advocates’ aspirations to community needs, strives to accomplish goals, separates own interests from organizational interests

Relationship-Oriented: understands what motivates individuals and organizations, values diversity and inclusion, effectively communicates, actively listens to and facilitates diverse input and contributions

Collaborator: takes collaborative approach to addressing issues, mobilizes a broad range of resources

Results-Driven: focuses on results and can effectively communicate goals and impact, promotes innovation and is willing to take risks, holds oneself accountable and is self directed

Brand-Steward: acts with integrity and strong ethics to foster trust at all levels (personal, market, society), internalizes the meaning and commitment of United Way and consistently acts according to its values and purpose, is accountable and transparent with all stakeholders

Key Responsibilities/Essential Functions

·         Positions United Way as a model of highly effective governance, talent management, inclusiveness, organizational infrastructure and fiscal responsibility.

o   Works in partnership with the Board of Directors to develop policies, maintain the continuity of volunteer leadership and provide ample information for all decision-making.

o   Recruits, develops, retains and empowers talented staff in all positions.

o   Champions inclusiveness in all aspects of the organization and community.

o   Establishes operational policies and oversees their consistent execution, including all aspects of human resources.

o   Ensures operation within the financial parameters set by the Board including oversight of the development of the annual budget in conjunction with the Director of Finance & Administration.

·         Provides leadership in acquiring the financial resources to meet the needs of the community.

o   Maintains relationships with current and prospective donors and seeks opportunities to deepen their engagement.

o   Continually assesses the business climate and various corporate social responsibility platforms to ensure accurate projection of fundraising goals and opportunities for alignment.

o   Maintains relationships with foundation staff and trustees to share information and seek opportunities to generate a shared agenda.

o   Cultivates a continuous pipeline of volunteers to support annual campaign, including the recruitment of Campaign Chair(s) and Cabinet.

o   Oversees the development of key marketing tools and messages that frame United Way priorities as investment opportunities for donors. This is done in conjunction with the Resource Development Coordinator.

·         Develop effective community impact strategies designed to achieve measurable results.

o   Positions United Way as a leader that generates effective solutions to community challenges.

o   Encourages collaborative and trusting relationships between community partners to reduce the duplication of services.

o   Acquires and displays expertise in United Way’s priority areas.

o   Ensures effective program funding process in conjunction with the Director of Community Impact.

o   Seeks opportunities to acquire and administer external grants that align with Board approved strategies.


·         Bachelor's Degree in social work, business, or other relevant field.

·         Prefer 5 years of experience in program management or supervisory capacity.


Submit resumes by 9/8 to be considered. Email resume and cover letter to tschmidt@netsync.net or submit by mail to 413 North Main Street Attn: ED Search.

Download the Executive Director positon job description here.