United Way Scores a Campaign Touchdown

United Way Scores a Campaign Touchdown

A standing ovation among 70 guests occurred on Tuesday evening as United Way of Southern Chautauqua County celebrated the end of its 2017 Campaign. Much of the crowd’s energy and excitement was due to the “super bowl themed” event, intended to play into the idea that it takes a “team” to score a touchdown.

Each volunteer who played a role in raising funds toward the 2017 Campaign moved a foam football down a large banner that replicated a football field. Each yard represented a percentage raised toward the $1,325,000 goal. As the final volunteer approached the “touchdown zone,” Campaign Chair, Jane Becker announced, “we not only reached our goal, we exceeded it by $31,000 giving us a total of $1,356,000! All of this success would not be possible without the support from everyone in this room and throughout our community. I am honored to have led this effort toward an incredible campaign touchdown!”

This year’s campaign is one of the strongest United Way has experienced to date. “I am beyond impressed with the amount of work that goes into a campaign. It’s truly a team effort. We were very intentional about having a football themed celebration for that reason,” stated Amy Rohler, Executive Director. “We kicked off the 2017 campaign at the Southwestern High School Boys Varsity football game back in September and we have carried that energy throughout the entire campaign ending with a touchdown. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication on the behalf of many people to reach our goal,” continued Rohler.   

During the celebration, many companies were recognized for increasing the number of donors, total amount raised, and creative workplace campaigns. Those recognized include: Community Bank, Jamestown Pathology, Jamestown YWCA, Monofrax, Phoenix Metal, Southwestern School District, Tops Grocery Store (#209 on Washington Street), UPMC Chautauqua WCA, and Weber Knapp. Also recognized were the local foundations who played a key role in the fundraising effort. 

Unique to the campaign this year, were three new members inducted into the Tocqueville Society. This society is based on the philosophy of Alexis Charles-Henri de Tocqueville who traveled to America in 1831 and recognized, applauded and immortalized North American voluntary action on behalf of the common good.

Throughout the campaign, a video was utilized to spread the United Way message within workplaces. The video documented young donors employed at Wegmans who were unaware of what United Way does within the community. Each employee had the opportunity to get on a bus and drive to the physical location of United Way funded agencies. The agencies featured in the video were: Meals on Wheels of Jamestown, Mental Health Association, Jamestown YWCA, and Chautauqua Adult Day Care. The goal of an impact tour is to expose community members to the variety of work that is done within United Way and how every gift is impacting thousands of lives within Southern Chautauqua County.

Concluding the event, Jane Becker was recognized for her tremendous coaching abilities and successfully motivating and leading the team of volunteers into the end zone for a touchdown. “Jane put her game face on at the very start of this campaign. She provided unique tactics that allowed us to exceed our campaign goal. We would not have succeeded in this way without Jane’s leadership,” stated Amy Rohler.  

Over $1 million will be awarded in grants to 25 local agencies. United Way of Southern Chautauqua County is proud that 100% of every dollar raised each year remains in this community. To access the 2017 Campaign video or o learn more about United Way, visit uwayscc.org.