United Way Campaign Passes $1 Million

The 2012 United Way Campaign surpassed the one million dollar mark, reaching $1,034,686 so far this year, or 80% of the $1,310,000 million goal.


“We’re at a critical point right now,” said Campaign Chair Vince Horrigan.  “The goal is in sight, but we’re not going to get there without all of us pitching in.  Don’t assume someone else will give for you.  If you haven’t donated to the campaign, I would encourage you to do so, especially in this season of giving.”


The United Way Campaign runs from September through the end of the year.  With the clock ticking on this year’s campaign, Horrigan said the future of several dozen human service programs hinges on what comes in over the next few weeks.


“United Way partner agencies can’t do it alone,” said Mr. Horrigan.  “In order for these agencies to continue to meet the needs of this community, they need this campaign to be a success.  We’ve invested thousands of volunteer hours to make that happen.  It’s time to bring it home.  Failure is not an option.”


The United Way of Southern Chautauqua County helps support 44 programs at 19 partner agencies.  Every dollar that’s donated to the campaign stays local and is awarded to programs that meet targeted outcomes in the areas of education, income, and health. 


“When you give to the campaign, you can rest assured that your gift is going where it’s needed most,” added Vince Horrigan.  “We rely heavily on our volunteers to review each program that receives funding.  If a particular program isn’t showing positive results, that program isn’t funded.  I think that’s the most powerful statement we can make.  A gift to the United Way Campaign truly does make a difference in the lives of so many.”


For more information about the United Way or the 2012 Campaign, call us at 483-1561, visit us at www.uwayscc.org, check us out on Facebook: United Way of Southern Chautauqua County, or follow us on Twitter: UWayof SoChautCounty@uwayscc.