Empire State Poverty Reduction

Empire State Poverty Reduction Initiative Taskforce for the City of Jamestown

The Empire State Poverty Reduction Initiative (ESPRI) will enable 16 communities across the state to develop and implement innovative plans that will reduce poverty among New Yorkers.

With the understanding that meaningful change requires a thorough analysis of local needs and a plan to address each locality's unique challenges, Phase One of ESPRI will support administration and planning for the initiative. Phase Two will then fund the implementation of targeted investment strategies that aim to reduce poverty. This two-phased structure will provide local communities with a unique opportunity to test creative, targeted approaches to persistent challenges.

As part of Phase One, designated not-for-profit organizations will develop a work plan for ESPRI activities. Work plans will form the statement of work for the eventual contract with OTDA. Within the work, not-for-profits will identify a timeframe for completion of each activity/initiative.

Task Force Members:

Mayor Sam Teresi

Assemblyman Andy Goodell

Lori Cornell

Christine Schuyler

Jon Anderson

Tim Mains

Cory Duckworth

Shannon Bessette

David Conklin

Charlie Hodges

Father Luke Fodor

Pastor Amy Rohler

Pastor Leecroft Clark

Heather Turner

Bruce Dudgeon

Jana Anderson-O'Camb

Katie Geise

David Wilkinson

Vince DeJoy

Christina Breen

Harry Snellings

Ann Abdella

Liz Jones

Linda Swanson

Catherine Way

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Task Force Meeting Minutes:

November 10, 2016

December 13, 2016

January 11, 2017

February 15, 2017

Task Force Work Session: March 22, 2017

Kate Ebersole, CPCC facilitated an action-oriented session designed to engage those in direct provision of service to residents living in poverty. Attendees spent time working in small groups to identify services and potential gaps. The final product will be integrated into the ESPRI Community Needs Assessment, which will serve as the foundation for the Initiative’s investment of approximately $1 million in transformational local programming.