Emerging Leaders

As part of an ongoing effort to engage the under 40 crowd, the United Way of Southern Chautauqua County is proud to announce its Emerging Leaders initiative.  Launched in 2011, Emerging Leaders is open to anyone, 40 years of age or younger, who donates $500 or more to the general campaign.

Emerging Leaders is also about
volunteerism.  In October of 2011, the United Way of Southern Chautauqua County, in conjunction with Chautauqua Physical and Occupational Therapy, hosted the first-ever “Wine and Dine Soiree.”  The event brought together young people from all different walks of life united by a common goal – finding areas where they can fit in and help out.

Finally, Emerging Leaders exists to create a unified voice for change.  Advocacy is one of the most powerful aspects of the initiative, and it’s even more powerful when it comes from the voices of tomorrow’s leaders.

GIVE. ADVOCATE. VOLUNTEER.  It’s how our Emerging Leaders LIVE UNITED.

To find out how you can become an Emerging Leader, contact us today at 483-1561.

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